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Welcome to my userpage

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Behind my names[edit | edit source]

The following name are used by me throughout the internet:

TheAstorPastor[edit | edit source]

I've created a unique online persona as TheAstorPastor that honours my background and my commitment to mentoring others. The "Astor" portion of my name represents a rich and significant legacy, and it was inspired by the powerful Astor family. In the meantime, "Pastor" emphasises my role as a leader and mentor who provides guidance and support in a variety of spheres of life. By using this distinctive moniker, I hope to create a persona that reflects leadership and sophistication on online platforms by fusing the depth of historical renown with the caring and guiding nature of a pastor.

Harvici[edit | edit source]

The name "Harvici" occurred to me out of nowhere, and it stayed. I use it as my internet handle, and it's developed into a distinctive aspect of who I am online. It was a random decision made without any special thought or backstory. The best ideas often strike you out of the blue, and this name was one of those lucky accidents. It now serves as my representation on numerous platforms, giving my online presence a more unique feel.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Hello!, I am TheAstorPastor, or TheAP, or you can simply refer to me as Astor. I am an administrator, bureaucrat, interwiki administrator, and interface administrator here on TestWiki. I mostly try to help this Wiki by actively participating in discussions, creating and helping to write policies, making trivial grammatical changes all over the Wiki, granting permissions, creating MediaWiki gadgets, and much more!

What I do[edit | edit source]

Not just active here but also on Wikimedia projects and Miraheze, where I go by the names "TheAstorPastor" or "Harvici." I can help you with mostly everything, like assigning rights , blocking and unblocking users, and possibly giving out bad advice[sarcasm]. You are free to contact me through mail or Discord (username: astor.pastor), but if possible, please use the talk page for discussions. I am also a programmer and developer by passion, with expert knowledge in Java and Python and soon-to-be expert knowledge in JS and CSS.Still, I am a human, and I might make errors, Please acknowledge them as accidental and leave me a message on my discord (username: astor.pastor) or my talk page.

How to contact me?[edit | edit source]

You can contact me through email ; please leave a message on my talk page notifying me that you mailed . You can also contact me through discord ; I am available as astor.pastor at discord. The last and easiest way is to leave a message on my talk page. I am neither a suppressor nor a steward, so don't contact me to suppress things but rather approach suppressors and stewards.