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The suppressor user right allows users to perform an enhanced version of revision deletion, called suppression. They can do this by ticking "Apply restrictions to administrators" which hides the revision from sysops, as well as other users. This also produces a message in the private suppression log, instead of the public deletion log, which only other suppressors and stewards can see. This is one of the six default MediaWiki user groups, see User rights and groups.

Additionally, suppression can be used to hide a username that is grossly inappropriate from the username list at the same time as indefinitely blocking them. This feature will also suppress the username from most logs and edits, although the username may still be visible in some places, such as rollback edit summaries.

Suppressors can also perform an advanced form of page deletion, which hides the contents of the deleted page from administrators, as well as other users.

This right is automatically granted to stewards and system administrators who can assign it to themselves, but non-steward suppressors may be appointed by community consensus, or by a consensus of the steward team (at least 2 supporting).

Here is an incomplete list of things that can, and will be suppressed:

  1. Personal information: IP addresses of registered users, doxxing, location, phone number, etc.
  2. Copyright infringement: Use of material without the express consent of the author, though regular administrative measures like page or revision deletion may be used to hide the infringement if the infringement is relatively minor
  3. Serious personal attacks: that serve little or no administrative value where hiding protects the community
  4. Other grossly insulting material that needs to be hidden to protect the community: Grossly inappropriate or pornographic images, moving pages to grossly inappropriate names, etc.
  5. Any other material that the suppression team deems unfit for public view

List of all people with suppression rights

This is an automatically generated list of people who have access to the suppression tool. Please email one of them or the staff email address for any suppression requests.

User groups
Default Implicit: (all)UsersAutoconfirmed users
BotsAdministratorsBureaucratsSuppressorsInterface administrators
Granted/revoked by
Administrators Autochecked usersAutopatrolled usersChat moderatorsConfirmed usersPatrollersReviewersTranslation administratorsUsers blocked from chat
Bureaucrats BotsInterwiki administratorsAdministratorsBureaucrats
Stewards Abuse filter administratorsAdministratorsBureaucratsSuppressorsInterface administratorsCheckusersStewards