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行政员是可以批量删除页面,添加和删除行政员、管理员和机器人权限,并使用SocialProfile和相关扩展名执行一些更高级的管理操作的用户。 行政员权限将根据请求授予,但请求者必须首先当了一段时间管理员。如果用户想要竞选系统管理员监管员,行政员权限是基础。

可以查询包含所有权限的自动生成的列表在这里可以浏览。这是六个默认MediaWiki用户组之一,详情请见:mw:Help:User rights and groups.

A automatically generated list including all rights can be consulted here. This is one of the six default MediaWiki user groups, see :mw:Help:User rights and groups.

It is important to note that this role is a mostly testing role. Mostly in the sense that, from a technical perspective, it adds additional permissions that require an additional degree of trust and, so, with that level of trust, they can assist Stewards in preventing disruption to the wiki, which includes performing actions in a non-test capacity. That does not mean they should be issuing firmly worded warnings regarding user conduct that is non-urgent. Rather, unlike with administrator, which is almost entirely a testing role, they can assist in preventing disruption to the wiki, taking the minimal actions necessary, and referring longer term blocks, any sort of rights or user restrictions, and any sort of firmly worded warnings (i.e., "final warnings") to the Steward team. That is not to say they cannot provide gently worded guidance to users, however. As well, they can additionally make minor non-test changes to pages categorized at Category:Test Wiki policies, but if in doubt as to whether something is minor or possibly disputed by Stewards or the community, they should leave it to Stewards.

List of bureaucrats

There are currently 29 bureaucrats on Test Wiki.

User rights
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