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I don't check this wiki much, so please leave me a message on my enwiki talk page or email me if you need me for something urgent. '''[[User:CanonNi]]''' (talkcontribs)

Administrators' newsletter – July 2024[edit source]

News and updates for administrators, bureaucrats, and stewards from the past month (June 2024).

Administrator changes

Added Tailsultimatefan3891
Added MihaiAdmin1
Added Double Aid
Added CanonNi
Removed Padfhi
Removed SilverTester
Removed MihaiAdmin1
Renamed Jody → Tsukushi

Bureaucrat changes

Added Locusta
Added Justman10000
Added MihaiAdmin1
Removed SilverTester
Removed MihaiAdmin1
Renamed Jody → Tsukushi

Interface administrator changes

Added Sav
Renamed Jody → Tsukushi

Bot changes

Added CanonNiBot

System administrator

Added Justarandomamerican

Technical news

  • Extension:Report has been added, allowing users to privately report revisions of pages for the steward's or suppressor's attention. T99
  • Extension:UnusedRedirects has been added, which users can use to grab the list of redirects that aren't used. T105
  • Partial action blocks are now in effect on the Test Wiki. This means that administrators have the ability to restrict users from certain actions, including uploading files, moving pages and files, creating new pages, and sending thanks. T106


  • The name of the userRightsManager gadget has changed to UserRightsManager, so some users may have the gadget turned off. It may be necessary to re-enable it in the preferences.