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System administrators have FTP/SSH access to the server, commit access on Test Wikis GitHub, and the ability to lock and unlock the database.

Current Sysadmins

Username Email
MacFan4000Steward Link
JustarandomamericanSteward Link

Becoming a Sysadmin

To become a sysadmin you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be active on the wiki
  2. Be an administrator and bureaucrat
  3. Know how to use SSH
  4. Know how to use Git
  5. Know how to use PHP

In addition to meeting the above requirements, you must also pass a vote on the community portal.


System administrators who are inactive for a period of 1 year will be demoted per the inactivity policy. These users are free to reclaim their rights within an hour of them being removed.

User groups
Default Implicit: (all)UsersAutoconfirmed users
BotsAdministratorsBureaucratsSuppressorsInterface administrators
Granted/revoked by
Administrators Autochecked usersAutopatrolled usersChat moderatorsConfirmed usersPatrollersReviewersTranslation administratorsUsers blocked from chat
Bureaucrats BotsInterwiki administratorsAdministratorsBureaucrats
Stewards Abuse filter administratorsAdministratorsBureaucratsSuppressorsInterface administratorsCheckusersStewards