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Autochecked users are users whose edits are automatically marked as reviewed on pages with flagged revisions enabled. This group can be given to users that are trusted that are not administrators, as administrators already have autochecked rights in the admin bundle, or the group may be used for testing.

User groups
Default Implicit: (all)UsersAutoconfirmed users
BotsAdministratorsBureaucratsSuppressorsInterface administrators
Granted/revoked by
Administrators Autochecked usersAutopatrolled usersChat moderatorsConfirmed usersPatrollersReviewersTranslation administratorsUsers blocked from chat
Bureaucrats BotsInterwiki administratorsAdministratorsBureaucrats
Stewards Abuse filter administratorsAdministratorsBureaucratsSuppressorsInterface administratorsCheckusersStewards
System administrators All of the above plus System administrators and Push subscription managers