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This is an information page which exists to document some practice, platform, or other aspect of Test Wiki. It is not policy, as it has not formally been approved by the community, and compliance is not mandatory.

The abuse filter (or edit filter) is a tool that allows administrators to enable controls on some types of unconstructive or disruptive changes, while abuse filter administrators have greater access to such controls; users can be blocked from viewing and editing edit filters by a steward. The current filters can be found on Special:AbuseFilter. Abuse filters can cause huge disruption if they are incorrectly configured or if even a small mistake happens.

User rights

Users blocked from the abuse filter (abusefilter-restricted)

Users that are blocked from the abuse filter may not view filters, modify them, or view the abuse log. This group is grantable and removable by stewards at their discretion or upon a community partial ban from the abuse filter.

Abuse filter administrators (abusefilter-admin)

Only abuse filter administrators have the ability to modify abuse filters with restricted actions (i.e. blocking), as well as being able to enable those actions on such filters. Stewards do not need to assign this right to themselves, as it is automatically granted as part of the stewards' tool package.

Granting and removal of the user groups

Because the abuse filter administrator user right could potentially cause huge disruption from filters that are configured incorrectly (i.e., set to block or revoke autoconfirmed status), it would be assigned via a user request and following a vote on the community portal and/or a consensus of at least two stewards supporting it.

If a user misuses the rights granted within these groups, a steward shall promptly remove the rights and, if deemed appropriate, may enact further disciplinary measures, including user blocking.

Furthermore, in adherence to inactivity policy, if a user does not utilize the permissions associated with the abuse filter administrator group for a maximum period of three months, their access may be subject to revocation. In addition, due to the lack of exact revocation criteria otherwise, the right may be revoked using either way it could be granted, or in an emergency, by a single Steward, who may then be cross checked by the other stewards or the entire community.

List of abuse filter administrators

There is currently 1 abuse filter administrator on Test Wiki.

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