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It is necessary to sign posts on talk pages for both article and non-article namespaces since doing so helps to identify the author of a given comment, which in turn helps to foster debate. Adding a signature is automatic, whether you use the reply or new topic tools. The signature symbol in the edit toolbar or typing four tildes (~~~~) can be used to manually add them when editing in source text mode without using these tools.

Since these signatures are visible to everybody, please take note of the following policies and guidelines:

  • Your username should be easily identifiable with a personalised signature.
  • Never impersonate another user.
  • A signature that is obtrusive, unclear, or inappropriate in any other way could negatively impact other users. For instance, some editors believe that lengthy formatting impedes discussion on talk pages or makes it harder to work in the edit window.
  • Complex signatures can be difficult to update since they take up excessive narrative space and have a lot of code (also known as "markup") that is visible in the edit window.