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About[edit | edit source]

This page lists all the administrators and the date of their most recent edit/logged action.

Alt accounts/Bots won't be displayed, only main accounts will.

Links below are required to correctly update users' last actions:
Special:Log (additional logs displayed)

List format[edit | edit source]

User color links Last action Status
| #15b1bf
Date format:
| MM, DD
| within a month
| #3466a5
| 1 month
Interface administrators
| #634390
| 2 months
Non-steward suppressors
| #ee6397
| 2 months; grace period set
| #fe4e4e
| +3 months, reserved for stewards only

List[edit | edit source]

Updated: 04/21/2024
Date three months ago: Sun, 21 Jan 2024 17:45:29 +0000

User Last action Status
0hD33r! March 27th Active
78-Yellowcat April 2nd Active
AlPaD April 21st Active
Aviram7 April 19th Active
C1K98V March 3rd Inactive
Chqaz April 20th Active
Codename Norte April 18th Active
DR April 11th Active
DarkMatterMan4500 April 13th Active
Dmehus November 26th, 2023 Inactive
DodoMan April 20th Active
Drummingman April 19th Active
EPIC April 19th Active
EggRoll97 March 13th Inactive
Harvici April 12th Active
HouseBlaster February 15th Inactive
Justarandomamerican April 21st Active
Lionel Cristiano April 16th Active
LisafBia April 18th Active
Lolkikmoddi March 1st Inactive
MacFan4000 March 12th Inactive
Nexovia‎ April 11th Active
Padfhi March 2nd Inactive
Q February 29th Inactive
Sav April 19th Active
Seawolf35 April 19th Active
SilverTester‎ March 22nd Active
Sneezless April 9th Active
TenWhile6 March 10th Inactive
X April 16th Active
Zippybonzo February 22nd Inactive