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Hello, I am Reception123, I am a System Administrator and currently the Engineering Manager (MediaWiki), Wiki Creator, Global Sysop and Meta administrator at Miraheze. I usually help with creating wikis, different feature requests, and other maintenance related stuff. I am also a (co-founding) Consul at Public Test Wiki.

If you need anything please contact me on my talkpage or for a more private/serious matter you can email me.

Main Roles

3 August 2015-present: Wiki creator

10 August 2015-present: Administrator

3 August 2016-28 October 2017: MediaWiki System administrator (became SRE)

7 March 2017-present: CVT (now Global Sysop)

28 October 2017-present: Operations (renamed Site Reliability Engineer)

30 January 2021-present: Engineering Manager (MediaWiki)

2 July 2021-8 October 2021: Interim Director of Site Reliability Engineering (position dissolved)


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