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This user is no longer active on Miraheze.


After almost 8 years at Miraheze, I decided to leave on 15 June 2023.

Due to disagreements related to recent actions, persistent drama over the last couple of months as well as the departure or imminent departure in March and June this year of a large number of volunteers I have made the difficult decision to retire and resign from SRE and community roles.

This is not a decision that was taken lightly and is not solely based on recent events as explained above but something that I had considered even before due to the general lack of active volunteers, uneven distribution of workload and issues related to physical infrastructure.

I am apologize for any disappointment this decision may cause and wish everyone good luck. I hope that the work done here by all the volunteers who left us over the years will not be forgotten. I also hope that maybe these resignations will be a wake up call that the current model needs to be reformed in order for the project to have any sort of future. For the most part I enjoyed my time here.

If you want to chat you will still find me on Discord or you can email me.


P.S.: I won't be making any definitive statements such as "I'll never return" and the retirement statement should not be taken to mean that I won't very occasionally make a comment simply because I am formally retired.

Userpage before 15 June 2023.

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Hello, I am Reception123, was a System Administrator (the Engineering Manager for MediaWiki), a Steward, a Wiki Creator and a Meta administrator at Miraheze. I usually helped with creating wikis, different feature requests, and other maintenance related stuff. I am also a (co-founding) Consul at Public Test Wiki.

If you need anything please contact me on my talkpage or for a more private/serious matter you can email me.

Main Roles

3 August 2015-15 June 2023: Wiki creator

10 August 2015-15 June 2023: Administrator

3 August 2016-28 October 2017: MediaWiki System administrator (became SRE)

7 March 2017-6 July 2022: CVT (now Global Sysop)

28 October 2017-15 June 2023: Operations (renamed Site Reliability Engineer)

30 January 2021-15 June 2023: Engineering Manager (MediaWiki)

2 July 2021-8 October 2021: Interim Director of Site Reliability Engineering (position dissolved)

6 July 2022-15 June 2023: Steward


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