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Hello. I’m PorkchopGMX. I’ll just keep this simple: I edit wikis and sometimes I do other stuff.

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Alternative accounts[edit | edit source]

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Hello, I’m PorkchopGMX. I’ll just keep this simple: I edit Wikipedia and sometimes I do other stuff.

Below is some not simple stuff. For that reason, I’m out.

Signature history

Current sigs

From 2018 to December 2020

Sigs since December 2020

Alternative accounts

  • PorkchopGMX backup. Because of how two factor authentication works on Wikipedia, I will be editing from this account if i don’t want to or can’t edit on my iPad, or if I lose both my iPad and the scratch codes, or if any other issue prevents me from editing on my main account.
  • PorkchopGMX test, for testing purposes.
  • PorkchopGMX872. I used to use 2 accounts regularly, this one and this account that i still use to this day. However i stopped using it when i thought that you don't need to use 2.
  • PorkchopGMX2. This one was the second account (mentioned above) i used along with PorkchopGMX872 (used at school). However i increasingly used this account more often than previous one, so PorkchopGMX2 became this account and PorkchopGMX became PorkchopGMX872. (account name currently unregistered)
  • Porkchop Jr., previous name from late May to early September 2018. (account name currently unregistered)
  • PorokchopGMX and PorkchopGMXX. They are doppelgänger accounts.
  • Example4. Another example account used in documentation and testing.

IPs I formerly edited from

Before I registered my account(s) in March 2018, I edited under these IP addresses (list is in no particular order, and in no way exhaustive, I may have forgotten some IPs):

I may have used other accounts and IPs in the past, but some of them are not listed because i forgot about them.

Note: I am “PorkchopGMX” on The Test Wiki.