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This is Mario1257's sub account. Test useing(Including bot).

Edit Llst Of BotFlag[edit | edit source]

Bot flag edit list [[Special:Redirect/page/5676|Mario1257-Bot's Bot flag test]]

Unit-A[edit | edit source]

Part1[edit | edit source]

Permission period:2021-06-22 15:15 - 2021-06-25 00:00 (UTC)

  • A001:creating test
  • A002:adding test
  • A003:Add Template
  • A004:remved Tmp & change Category

Part2[edit | edit source]

Permission period:2021-07-02 14:07 - 2021-07-09 14:07 (UTC)

Category:Message test
  • A101:Create page in advance
    .a:Link Miss
  • A102:remove Template and delate line Test
    Z:Test Rady
  • A103:remove Template (with arguments) and delate line Test
    Z:Test Rady

Test template:Template:Fullurl