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This is an information page which exists to document some practice, platform, or other aspect of Test Wiki. It is not policy, as it has not formally been approved by the community, and compliance is not mandatory.


封禁是個技術措施,它可以用於防止破壞或測試。但是,封禁通常是因為嚴重的破壞或傳送垃圾郵件給其他用戶而設置的。然而,任何管理員都可以設置封禁以防止嚴重、明顯、持續的擾亂。任何管理員都可以出於測試目的,封禁於備用帳戶或其他人的帳戶。對他人的測試性封禁應最多設置兩小時。未經監管員同意,不應取消標記為(Steward action)、(Suppressor action)或(Oversight action)的封禁或任何行動。



Bans are formal measures, which may have a block imposed to enforce them. Bans can be placed by any Steward, or by community consensus. Bans can either be partial, such as restricting someone from a certain namespace, or they can be sitewide, prohibiting all editing by a particular user. Bans may be implied (most often by the community declining an unblock request) or explicit. They may have a set duration or be indefinite. You may face repercussions for reverting a block clearly marked as being part of a community ban/sanction without the consent of the community, or for reverting a block marked as a Steward action based entirely on public evidence without the consent of a steward or the community.