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Heya! I test and participate in discussions here. I am also a enwiki and simplewiki rollbacker and contributor. Please use either masculine (he/him) or indefinite (they/them) pronouns when referring to me, thank you. I like spreading positivity and WikiLove. I have an advanced set of technical and formal tools via me being a Steward, and I will take requests for specific Steward actions to be performed, either through email or in the appropriate on-wiki venue. I'll also take questions on my talk page, or email for particularly private matters. Unless you have no other way to contact me, please do not make suppression requests in public. For licensing so you can use my contributions, see User:Justarandomamerican/Copyright. My user page is also translatable if you want to translate it into another language!

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The Admin's Barnstar
Thanks so much for all you do for Test Wiki and congratulations on 1,000 edits! You deserve it. X (talk) 03:05, 30 January 2024 (UTC)