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This is an information page which exists to document some practice, platform, or other aspect of Test Wiki. It is not policy, as it has not formally been approved by the community, and compliance is not mandatory.

Discord is a free-to-use text and voice chatting service available as a web browser and a standalone app for desktop or mobile. It has a few functions, most importantly, "servers", which consist of a group of channels dedicated to certain topics. Test Wiki has a server dedicated to wiki matters, and it can be joined by following this link. An account is required to join the server. Before joining, please make sure that you have read and understood Discord's terms of service.

Test Wiki's Discord was originally founded by X on June 19th, 2023. During the summer of the same year, ownership changed hands to Drummingman.


Channel Info
#rules The list of rules on the server, see below.
#announcements The official announcements channel.
#wiki-feed A read-only channel where everyone receives recent changes feed.
#verify The channel that non-verified users can only see. To verify, you must specify your global username at Special:MyPage/Discord. Once it's published, return to this channel and post the command "/verify Wiki Name." When verified, this channel will be replaced by the rest of the other channels.
Category: Discussion & Requests
Channel Info
#general General discussion of Test Wiki topics.
#public-requests Use this for server related requests. Wiki-related requests should go in #general.
#private-requests A read-only channel where users can create a ticket. A ticket is usually made for making requests to the moderator team that only they can handle.


Here are the rules of the Discord server:

  1. No spam, vandalism, threats, or personal attacks of any kind.
  2. Keep discussion to wiki related topics, for the most part.
  3. Any user indefinitely blocked on-wiki will be banned here as well.
  4. Do not post invitations to other servers in this server without moderator permission.
  5. Exercise common sense and remember that all wiki policies apply here as well.

These rules will be enforced with timeouts, kicks, or bans by server moderators or stewards. If you need assistance from a moderator, say "@Moderators". If you need assistance from a steward, say "@Stewards". If you need assistance from a suppressor, say "@Suppressors DMs" in ⁠#general. Do not link to the material to be suppressed, except in Direct Messages to a suppressor or in a ticket. Alternatively, for faster support, open a ticket in ⁠#private-requests.


Roles Username Wiki name
@System administrators
justarandomamerican Justarandomamerican (talk · contribs)
drummingman Drummingman (talk · contribs) 👑
globe_x X (talk · contribs)