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Revision as of 04:19, 25 February 2021 by ZhuofanWu (talk | contribs) (Created page with "翻译管理员是指能够更改页面语言,标记页面版本以进行翻译以及管理消息组的用户。这些权限也捆绑在标准管理员用户组中。该组...")
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User Rights - Request permissions
Included in Administrator allAutochecked usersAutoconfirmed usersAutopatrolChat moderatorsEditorsPatrollersResearchersReviewersTranslate administratorUsers
Included in Bureaucrat Can assign administrator, bureaucrat and all included rights
Other BotsCheckUserConfirmedExample usersInterface administratorsInterwiki administratorsStewardsSuppressSystem AdministratorsUsers blocked from chat