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Request for permissions
You can request administrator, bureaucrat, or other permissions below. You must already be an administrator to be eligible for bureaucrat permissions. Interface administrator rights can only be granted by the stewards and are only given to highly trusted users. Non-steward suppressor rights may be requested here, but two stewards must support your request. However, the right is only granted to trusted users for non-test reasons. Otherwise, please request suppression rights at the Community portal. All rights will be removed after 3 months of inactivity.

Other Permissions: Bot, translate administrator, interwiki admin, autopatrol,
For Steward or System Administrator, a vote should take place on the community portal.
Bureaucrats, you can use the userRightsManager gadget to easily handle requests.
Please note that you should make a confirmation edit, then link to the diff on the other wiki, when specifying cross-project accounts.

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Click the Request rights button to request permissions