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{{Area of test page}}
{{Area of test page}}
[[Category:Test pages]]
[[Category:Test pages]]
== Snsujsnn ==
<!-- Do not edit above lines -->
'''Requested right:''' <!-- Add the right you are requesting here (Administrator/Bureaucrat) -->
<!-- Place Yes/No in each of the boxes below (like so: [Yes]) to affirm you consent
with what follows them. If placed No in any box or left blank, then it may result in your request
taking longer to process due to discussion as to why you do not agree with the statement,
and may ultimately lead to your request being denied. -->
* [Yes] I am familiar with all of [[:Category:Test-Wiki policies|Test Wiki's policies]], and understand that important rules will be communicated to me as necessary through obtrusive message boxes.
* [No] I agree that I am entirely responsible for all actions done under this account, including actions performed under this account by someone other than myself.
* [y] I agree that if I misuse the sysop/bureaucrat tools, my access might be revoked and I may be banned from Test Wiki without prior warning.
'''Other comments:''' <!-- You may use this space to insert other comments relevant to your request -->

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Test on triggering the abuse filter. Do not repeatedly trigger the abuse filter, or you will be automatically blocked.

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