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I propose the creation of a senior-bureaucrat group, called Placeholder. This group would have access to interface administrator and suppressor tools, and be able to grant interface administrator and suppressor to other users. I also propose removing the ability of bureaucrats to remove bureaucrat & and grant/revoke bot rights from others and grant it to this senior bureaucrat group.


This group can be granted in multiple ways:

  1. A steward can grant it at their discretion without community discussion;
  2. A community discussion will occur, and a steward will action the result.

This group is grantable and removable by stewards. The rights can be removed in one of the following ways:

  1. A steward can remove at their discretion or in emergencies of abuse;
  2. The community can discuss and revoke if a majority of users feel the right is not needed or has been abused.

Specific rights

  1. Grant/remove all rights except for steward and checkuser (bureaucrats are no longer allowed to remove bureaucrat rights);
  2. Rename users
  3. Suppress revisions and view suppression logs
  4. All the rights included in interface administrator
  5. Ability to perform steward actions, such as placing serious indefinite blocks.