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{{Test Wiki:RecentChanges}}
{| class="hide_NC_header plainlinks collapsible" style="width:100%; font-size:90%; border: #ccccff solid 3px;"
! colspan="2" style="background: #FFCF0B;background: -webkit-linear-gradient(left, #F49B00 , #FFCF0B, #F49B00);background: -o-linear-gradient(right, #F49B00, #FFCF0B, #F49B00);background: -moz-linear-gradient(right, #F49B00, #FFCF0B, #F49B00);background: linear-gradient(to right, #F49B00 , #FFCF0B, #F49B00); padding-left:2.5em; font-size:120%" | [[Main Page|Test Wiki]]
|- class="hide_about_us"
! style="background: #194A8D; color: white"| Helpful Pages
| style="background:#F5F5F5" | <div class="hlist">
</div><div class="list">
* ''Maintenance'': [[Special:Newpages|New pages]] * [[Special:Logs|Logs]] * [[Special:Contributions/newbies|New users' edits]]
{{#ifexpr: {{PAGESINCATEGORY:TestWiki protected edit requests}} > 0 | * [[:Category:Test Wiki protected edit requests|Edit requests]] ({{PAGESINCATEGORY:Test Wiki protected edit requests}}) |  }}
|- class="hide_community"
! style="background:#194A8D;color:white" | Community
| style="background:#F5F5F5;" |
{{Test Wiki:RecentChanges/Community}}
|- style="background: #194A8D;"
| colspan="2" |
<div style="float:right;padding-right:1em;">
[[Test Wiki:RecentChanges|<span style="color:white>read</span>]] • [[Test Wiki talk:RecentChanges|<span style="color:white;" title="Discuss this message.">talk</span>]] • [{{fullurl:Test Wiki:RecentChanges|action=edit}} <span style="color: white;" title="You can edit this message. Please use the preview button before saving.">edit</span>] • [{{fullurl:Test Wiki:RecentChanges|action=history}} <span style="color:white;" title="Look at old versions of this message.">history</span>] • [{{fullurl:Test Wiki:RecentChanges|action=watch}} <span style="color:white;" title="Add this message to your &quot;my watched pages&quot; list so you can see when it is changed.">add to "my watchlist"</span>]
&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; <span style="color:white">{{NUMBEROFUSERS}} users &bull; {{NUMBEROFPAGES}} pages &bull; {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} articles and counting...</span>

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